The Authentic Me: Hosted by Mel Yu

From Tradie to Entrepreneur, Learning the Habits of becoming GREAT! | Jamie Totino | Ep 8

August 06, 2020 Jamie Totino Season 1 Episode 8
The Authentic Me: Hosted by Mel Yu
From Tradie to Entrepreneur, Learning the Habits of becoming GREAT! | Jamie Totino | Ep 8
Show Notes

So grateful I got to have this meaningful chat with Jamie Totino and talk about his life experiences and how he got into his business, Real Food Vending

Growing up as a regular Italian Aussie kid, loving sports with his brothers playing footy and cricket, Jamie got to a semi-professional level with VFL and almost started an AFL career. Jamie left school in year 11 to work as a tradie in construction like the rest of his family. 

Being fit and active from a child to adulthood, he thought surely there are better fast food options than the sausage roll at the local bakery. With that came Jamie’s lightbulb moment of bringing healthy takeaway alternatives and Real Food delivery service was born in 2017. This has now rapidly evolved into a vending machine franchise and movement. Real Food Vending is available all over Victoria and expanding nationally, with each machine dispensing healthy, mouth-watering meals with just a tap.

Jamie has also built a highly successful education business travelling the country working with business owners coaching and mentoring them to help achieve greater professional and personal success. 

This was dope and you can find my key takeaways here below!

Podcast Show Notes:

  • How growing up in an Italian family shaped the foundations of adulthood
  • Leaving high school for trade school, spending a decade in construction and then starting a business
  • Making a hard choice between a football or construction career, and not regretting the decisions you make
  • The importance of physical health and sport which initiated the Real Food Vending business idea
  • The initial confidence and courage you need to get started
  • 119 phone calls to land the first business meeting for Real Food Vending!
  • Being direct in your communication via cold email or phone calls
  • Not every business has to be your passion project
  • Learning the skills in business and accepting you are going to make heaps of mistakes along the way!
  • Understanding what drives and motivates you and your staff members
  • What does greatness mean – Jamie’s first book release!

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