The Authentic Me: Hosted by Mel Yu

Stage 4 Lockdown: Wine and Chit Chats with my Roomie | Mia Vassallo | Ep 10

August 20, 2020 Mia Vassallo Season 1 Episode 10
The Authentic Me: Hosted by Mel Yu
Stage 4 Lockdown: Wine and Chit Chats with my Roomie | Mia Vassallo | Ep 10
Show Notes


I am so excited that I’ve made it to the double digits in the podcasting world, so a BIG THANK-YOU to you guys for tuning in and giving me your precious time!

Being the big 10th episode, and celebrating all the small wins, I thought it would be the most perfect opportunity to make this episode a little bit different and special. Get to know me in another way by meeting who I live with - Mia!

Mia is originally from Adelaide, South Australia with an Italian background heritage. She has an incredible story, just like any of us, with a journey towards self-love, self-acceptance and owning being a WOMAN.

Tell the women in your life that you care.

Want to encourage and empower girls and women? Start right in your own home, workplace, and community! Write a note of thanks to that teacher who encouraged you years ago, pick up coffee for that new mom in your office who’s struggling to balance it all, or tell your own sister, daughter, or mother how much you appreciate them.

Excited to share this one as it's just two gals having a bit of fun in the comfort of our own homes.

Episode Show Notes here:

  • Moving in with a roommate during COVID-19 Lockdown (What it’s like to live with me! Hehe) – How we are managing
  • Understanding family dynamics and if you come from a broken family
  • Self-love begins with awakening and accepting that you are the sum of your sh*t and experiences
  • Having role models that teach us important skills without us being consciously aware of it
  • Redefining what it means to be a ‘failure’ in life and our relationships
  • Don’t generalise your past relationships and bring that hurt into your new relationships
  • The work on self-love is all on YOU
  • Tips on keeping a self-love morning routine and pumping yourself up for the day
  • Women supporting women and understanding women empowerment
  • Stop apologising and discover who you are unapologetically!
  • Understanding our existing society stereotypes between masculine and feminine roles
  • Body Image does not equal self-worth!

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