The Authentic Me: Hosted by Mel Yu

The hustle behind Australian Streetwear: How to build & grow a fashion brand | Zane Marshall | Ep 13

September 11, 2020 Zane Marshall Season 1 Episode 13
The Authentic Me: Hosted by Mel Yu
The hustle behind Australian Streetwear: How to build & grow a fashion brand | Zane Marshall | Ep 13
Show Notes

This episode I got to dive deep into the mind of the creative director of Iconic Streetwear Fashion brand - Emperor Apparel.

This man's name is ZANE MARSHALL and he is absolutely brilliant and passionate with his approach to life and business. We got to unpack the real hustle and determination it requires to build an iconic movement and culture within a business.

I hope you enjoy this episode and gain some real insight to those who have walked the path you aspire to be on. Remember, you are worthy of success - you just have to do what most people are too afraid to do - WORK HARD!


EPIC Episode - Show Notes:

- What’s changed in the retail and wholesale fashion industry during lockdown and COVID-19
- How testing times expose who the true entrepreneurs are and who disappears
- Zane reveals the truth about being lost in life until he was 26 – you have time.
- How fashion connects you to all areas of life and other industries in business
- Difference between start-up world and corporate business structures – the challenges and realities of scaling a business
- Delegation is the key to scaling and business efficiency and growth
- Advice to those who want to start a fashion brand – start as a side hustle!
- Allow your business to breathe – it needs cash $$$
- Starting a business is like going to war, you cannot become complacent
- Make what you can sell, you do not want dead stock as it will blow your profits
- Build a movement and an audience that actually BUYS not just watching on social media
- The reality of starting a streetwear brand, going up against celebrities and rappers that already have such a strong following and story. Focus on your unique story-telling.
- Creating more than just a t-shirt, you are selling an experience
- How Zane got into retail giant stores like Culture Kings – what it actually takes to get stocked!
- Think about your supply chain and your ability to deliver to retail
- Finding a partner and friends that understands you may not always give them 100% all the time because of your hustle
- How to structure your time efficiently
- Think and grow rich, successful people surround themselves with positive affirmations


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